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The Family Skipping Challenge!

Last year, during lock down, we wanted to continue running our healthy lifestyle courses funded by Somerset Skills and Learning but we had to be inventive in how to carry them out in a COVID safe way.

So, after much planning and risk assessments, we teamed up with SASP and joined in with their skipping challenges. SASP provided the school with free skipping ropes to benefit the schools and we invited families to sign up for a longer skipping course with Live Naturally - funded by Somerset Skills and Learning. The families who signed up, received free skipping ropes to take home too!

People of all ages reignited their love for skipping. For many parents it was almost - reminiscence therapy! The activity took them back to their own school days - and many were shocked to learn how effective skipping was to get their heart racing. Everyone took part in the "The one minute challenge", where they counted how many jumps they could fit into one minute. Both adults and children were absolutely shocked when they counted their heart beat after only one minute of skipping! Skipping is so effective as a cardiovascular exercise and has been widely researched - many studies state that 10 minutes of skipping is the equivalent of 30 minutes of running!

The skipping challenges we started last year have been so popular that even now COVID restrictions have been lifted, we have continued to promote skipping for better health and our skipping challenges have now reached over 1000 participants!

Thanks to Somerset Skills and Learning for providing us with funding so we could get over 1000 participants skipping for better health.


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