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All Hands In

Partnerships & Collaborations

Since 2008, we have secured funding and collaborated with numerous organizations.

Our mission is to promote the significance of a healthy and balanced diet for enhanced physical and

mental well-being.

Exciting news arrived in March 2023!

Somerset Community Foundation approved our funding application to the Hinkley Point Community Fund, providing support for our community projects over the next three years.

Our objective is to collaborate with primary schools, nurseries, and community groups to empower families in Bridgwater and the surrounding areas to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

If your school or nursery is interested in a partnership, please inform us. We will visit your school to conduct engaging and educational cooking sessions with parents and children.

Families will also have the opportunity to sign up for longer courses, available both online and in person.

Schools that have partnered with us to promote healthy eating for families have provided excellent feedback.


A deputy headteacher shared:

"After parents and children participated in the healthy eating course, many of them made significant changes to their eating habits. Consequently, we've witnessed happier, healthier children who are better able to concentrate. One little boy, previously on our concern list due to disruptive behavior, underwent a remarkable transformation after eliminating processed foods and incorporating items like fish and vegetables. He is now a completely different child. We highly recommend other schools to join this impactful project." 


Please email us if you would like to work in partnership.

Let's promote good physical and mental health!

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