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More fresh fish and green vegetables on the table.

Updated: Mar 29

Gill and Rio are two happy participants of Live Naturally’s healthy eating courses. Rio, like most 6-year-olds, naturally prefers snacky foods like bread, crisps, biscuits and cakes. Fruits and vegetables have not been his favourites. Thanks to being involved in Live Naturally’s courses, he has learned to like several new foods, such as celery, cavolo nero cabbage, kidney beans, and salmon! He actually asks for salmon for dinner now.

Gill tells us that when they have salmon for dinner, he is really happy; he absolutely loves it!

After Gill was involved in the Live Naturally’s 6-week course, "Transform Your Health in 6 Weeks Through Eating Natural and Balanced Meals," fish is a regular item on her shopping list. Being a children’s nurse, she already knows the importance of eating healthy food, but in the busyness of life, it is far too easy to go for the easy option. Live Naturally’s course has emphasized how important unprocessed food is, so she is now prioritizing going to the fish counter every week to get fresh fish. She recommends other parents to join Live Naturally’s healthy eating course too.

Gill states: “Although I already know how important it is to eat healthily, it is not always easy to put into practice. Through Live Naturally’s courses, I have gained practical tips on how I can implement more healthy food in the diet of a fussy 6-year-old. I am motivated to prioritize healthy food, and I know that will have a lasting impact on Rio’s life. Through my work, I have seen lots of children who struggle with poor diet, and I am so happy that Live Naturally is helping families in Bridgwater to make lasting changes to their diet and lifestyle.”

Thanks again to Hinkley Point C, who is enabling us to run fully funded courses for Bridgwater families.


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