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Koshy walks his way into better health!

Dr Koshy Jacob was one of the participants of our 5k walk on Sunday and he highly recommend's others to join one of Live Naturally’s courses in September!

Koshy said "People don't realise how good and effective walking is! Walking every day can really improve your health, I know this, not because I am a doctor, but because I have put it into practise. Walking has reduced my blood pressure, helped stabilise my blood sugar levels and made me kg's lighter. I feel fitter, healthier and walking is free and can be done at any time of the day!”

This is the second time Dr Jacob has joined one of Live Naturally’s walking projects. He first got involved in a project in January 2021. It was a project funded by Somerset Skills and Learning and the aim of the project was to start the new year with healthy and REALISTIC health goals. Lots of people make new years resolutions, but they make their goal so high so they struggle and often can’t achieve or maintain it.

His goal was to better his health. Due to various COVID lockdowns he had been pretty passive and the kilos had piled on. His blood pressure was high and he had also developed pre-diabetes. He was conscious of the health risk attached to his extra kilos and had tried lots of various methods to loose the weight. He took up running but this proved unsustainable and a little too challenging. He tried many different diets which all proved too restricting in reality. He also spent hundreds of pounds on fitness Dvd’s with simply unrealistic fitness goals.

So, on January 1st 2021. He started with our walking challenge. It was actually not as hard as he thought to complete 5 k on a regular basis. He decided to continue every day - he walked alone but often with friends which were often the highlight of his day and encouraged others to walk too! By April, he was half way to loosing the excess kg, and by January 1st 2022, he had reached his goal! He had lost weight, and his blood sugar and blood pressure levels were within the normal range. Being a doctor he really appreciated that these positive changes significantly reduced the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Thank you Koshy for joining us for this years 5k event once again and for being a community champion and motivating others to do more walking too!


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