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From Struggling with Reflux and Period Pain to Wellness, thanks to Live Naturally's healthy eating courses.

Updated: Mar 29

I met Solveig through my work experience at a childcare setting. Regardless of how much I loved work experience and college, I was often unable to attend due to my struggles with acid reflux and period pains. Solveig could see I was struggling with my health and noticed the impact it was having on my mental well-being.

One day she advised me to join one of her courses with Live Naturally, and ever since, my health has been significantly better.

I remember when I first began the course, Solveig led me through how to make her Mexican Bean Dish recipe. Seeing the whole kidney beans being mixed in was new to me as I had never explored foods like that before. I used to find new food off-putting so was reluctant at first to try the new food; however, I did not want to come across as rude, so I sucked it up and tried it… turns out I love kidney beans! This was the introduction to eating a variety of foods, leading to a well-balanced diet.

Not only did Solveig offer me solutions, she went the extra mile by explaining why each individual food, strategy, and supplement was helpful for me. Within a month of making healthier food choices, my acid reflux had completely disappeared, and I no longer had to take my medication.

Solveig also explained the importance of essential fatty acids to prevent and cure period pain. She advised me to try some supplements as the diet I used to eat had not included enough essential fatty acids. Before taking the supplements, the first two days of my period I would find myself laying on the bathroom floor with a hot water bottle attempting to relieve as much pain as possible. I had many days off college due to period pain. After four months of taking essential fatty acid supplements alongside improving my diet, I no longer experienced period pains of any kind.

I will forever appreciate Solveig and Live Naturally CIC for the positive effects the course has made on my day-to-day life. A huge thank you to Hinkley Point C for funding Live Naturally’s healthy eating courses; it has changed my life.


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