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From "eating on the go" to seeing the value in nutrients!

In today's fast-paced life, I used to view eating as more of a hassle than a pleasure, often defaulting to ultra-processed fast food for convenience. Even when I did manage to squeeze in a meal, it was usually on the go, hastily consumed while multitasking. The notion of preparing food seemed daunting and time-consuming amidst the whirlwind of other seemingly pressing tasks. Despite my preference for healthier options, the reality of my hectic work schedule made it seem impossible to prioritize them, so I got into a habit of eating on the go.

However, after experiencing several warning signs from my body urging me to slow down and reassess my lifestyle, I joined Solveig's healthy eating course—a course that would profoundly alter my perspective. Through this transformative experience, I discovered the true value of taking the time to nourish myself properly. It became glaringly apparent that just as a car requires the right fuel to function optimally, so too does the human body. Ignoring this fundamental truth had led to a breakdown in my own “engine."

One of the most surprising revelations from the course was how simple and quick it is to prepare wholesome meals. With just a bit of education and effort, I could sit down to a satisfying, nutritious dish in a matter of 15 - 30 minutes—far less time than I had previously assumed. Embracing healthier eating habits has supported my healing journey, so I want to continue to nourish my body every day to become healthier than ever.

Equipped with the knowledge that wholesome cooking can be both enjoyable and efficient, I now rarely succumb to the allure of processed junk food. Instead, I've discovered the joy of experimenting with fresh, natural ingredients, reveling in their diverse flavors and textures. As an unexpected bonus, I've found that opting for healthier choices is not only better for my well-being but also friendlier to my wallet—a welcome revelation in today's economic climate.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Live Naturally and Solveig for opening my eyes to the profound benefits of mindful eating. I wholeheartedly believe that mastering this essential skill can yield a multitude of positive outcomes for anyone willing to embark on the journey. I encourage others to seize the opportunity to participate in Solveig's courses and experience the transformative power of nourishing both body and soul.

A huge thank you to Hinkley Point C for funding our healthy eating courses so we can help families in Bridgwater regain health through using food as medicine


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