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Evie uses food as medicine!

Evie’s head aches, tummy aches, mood swings and anxiety, improved massively on a balanced diet!

I joined the course 'Food as Medicine' funded by Somerset Skills and Learning in April/May this year. There was particular emphasis on children's health, behaviour, sleep and learning which I was especially interested in so I could support my daughter Evie and also learn more about food too.

The last few months had been really hard. My daughter was struggling with anxiety, mood swings, tummy aches and head aches. To get her to bed in the evening was a constant struggle, and to get her up in the morning was even harder. It was so difficult to know if her tummy ache was real, or if it was an excuse to not go to school. The course came at exactly the right time for us.

Learning more about the connection between the gut and the brain was really helpful as well as the importance of good gut bacteria. It was clear her gut was out of balance which was resulting in tummy ache, mood-swings and anxiety! The expression “gut feeling” really made sense. We started to make some changes to her diet and added some supplements for a time. Before the course, she had consumed far too much juice, fruit and sugar and not enough good quality protein rich food, healthy fats, unprocessed starch food and vegetables.

After the 6 week course, Evie had massively improved. She is complaining less of head aches and tummy aches, her anxiety has greatly reduced and her mood is much more balanced. She has attended school everyday for a few weeks in a row now - which is amazing - as before the course, she was off school nearly as much as she was in school.


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