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Alex and Liz enjoyed cooking at the Canalside

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Alex and Liz were two of the happy participants of the Happy Healthy Holiday play-scheme. They also attended our Easter Holiday Pizza Making Session and it was nice to see them again. We did a little interview and asked them why they booked for the Holiday Cooking Sessions and what they thought of the sessions.

“I was given a letter from school regarding the free Holiday activities. I logged into Playwaze to see what was on offer and I was impressed by how many activities there were on offer across Somerset. But at the same time, I was a bit disheartened to see that the majority of these activities were sports activities and not so suitable for Alex, who was wheel-chair bound for a time due to a medical condition.

When I came across the Family Cooking Sessions at the Canalside centre I was excited, as I know the centre has good disable access. We booked one of the sessions, not sure what to expect, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. We made our own bread, and it was so easy. We have since made lots more bread at home and experimented with adding other ingredients too, like sun-dried tomatoes and herbs. We also made our own pizza and did some arts and crafts and made some date and nut bars.

When we saw some sessions available in the summer holiday we wanted to come back and learn more. I am already really interested in healthy cooking, we have our own allotment and grow lots of vegetables. I know there is a strong connection between what we eat and how we feel. When my little boy is eating healthy food, I notice it has a very positive effect on both his behaviour and health.

Alex really enjoyed the sessions too, he enjoyed cooking and of course tasting the food too, but most of all he enjoyed the balloon modelling.

What I enjoyed most during the summer holiday session was to learn how easy it is to make our own coleslaw. I had never thought of making my own before, but when I saw how easy it is to make, I decided this is something I can do at home! It was really easy to make and it tasted delicious too! I am interested in getting more ideas of healthy meals to make at home and I think the Happy, Healthy Holiday play-scheme is such a good idea, helping families across Somerset to stay active and eat well.”

A big Thank You to SASP for providing us with funding to run the Happy Healthy Holiday Playscheme this summer.

Liz and Alex enjoyed the holiday sessions and want to learn more about healthy eating, so they have already booked onto another family cooking course funded by Somerset Skills and Learning. We are looking forward to see them again soon!


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