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Window-ledge Gardening Project

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

There has been a real surge in peoples love for gardening - particularly as the weather warms up. So, we wanted to meet this increasing demand for gardening knowledge but were conscious that not everyone has large gardens or beautifully raised beds and may not know where to start when it comes to growing food at home.

So, we set up a new course 'Window-ledge Gardening' funded by Smart Communities. The course welcomed everyone, all ages and capabilities. We had a gardening expert and enthusiast teach us all about what was realistic to grow and harvest for those who want to grow more food at home, be more sustainable or perhaps simply start a new hobby.

One attendee said "I've always wanted to start growing my own food at home but I never knew quite where to start. This course gave me the tools and advice to get going!"

As well as the usual produce, we wanted to learn to grow foods that were easy to grow and quick to harvest as we were conscious many struggle with time and already balance lots of commitments. One of the plants we grew were 'Alfafa Seeds' which you grow in a sprouting jar (no soil needed) and within a week you can taste the benefits for yourself. They are delicious to have with salads and sandwiches and have so many health benefits. Alfafa sprouts help lower cholesterol, manage blood sugar levels and relieve symptoms of menopause. People also eat them because they contain antioxidants, vitamin K, copper folate ad magnesium as well as being very low in calories! In addition, we also grew cress (which also grow in a week), tomato plants, herbs, carrots, and fennel and many more. The participants took home their planted pots to add to their windowsills and have started an ongoing community online where they update one another with their planting progress and pick up valuable tips and advice.

We are so glad Smart Communities enabled us to run this course which has been such a great and ongoing success. Over 45 people of all ages attended the course and many are keen to see something similar again! Also, a special shout out to our Horticulture Specialist and gardening enthusiast - Brain Heath. Thank you very much for your tutelage during the course, especially for your positivity, resourcefulness and expertise.


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