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Nourishing Traditions: Healthy Halloween Cooking for Families

Halloween often conjures images of hyperactive children fueled by additive-filled, ultra-processed treats. However, this past half-term holiday in Bridgwater, families had the opportunity to rewrite this narrative through Healthy Halloween Cooking sessions.

Halloween presents the perfect opportunity to introduce children to new foods in a fun and engaging way. At our sessions, children eagerly embraced the challenge of tasting vegetables disguised as "scary vegetable skeletons" or "bloody beetroots," and even "olive eyeballs." Each adventurous bite earned them stickers, and after trying 15 different plants, they proudly received a bouncy ball as a reward.

The feedback from these sessions was overwhelmingly positive, and the food? Simply delicious!

Instead of filling their bodies and brains with chemicals and sugar from ultra-processed foods, children left our sessions nourished with nutrients, fueling their bodies for a vibrant Halloween celebration.

Beyond just one-off sessions, families were given the opportunity to take their healthy eating journey further by signing up for a fully funded 6-week healthy eating course. This course, consisting of a combination of online sessions and practical cooking workshops, empowers families to adopt healthier eating habits for life.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to the Hinkley Point Community Fund for enabling us to support families in Bridgwater on their journey towards healthier living. It is through their generosity that we can make a meaningful impact in our community, one family at a time.


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