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Family Cooking at the Recreation

Updated: Apr 16

During the Easter holiday, families gathered at the Recreation center for an enriching experience of Family Cooking. The hall buzzed with excitement as both young and old participated in preparing delicious dishes crafted from natural, unprocessed ingredients. The menu boasted an array of tempting treats including homemade pizza, refreshing coleslaw, aromatic carrot and coriander soup, hearty chili con carne, freshly baked bread, tantalizing pizza rolls, nutritious banana muesli bars, and a selection of fruits served with natural yogurt.

The atmosphere was filled with laughter and learning as families engaged in the hands-on experience of peeling, cutting, mixing, and cooking. Beyond the joy of creating delicious meals together, participants gained valuable insights into the importance of balanced nutrition. They discovered that healthy eating can be fun, tasty, and more cost-effective than processed alternatives.

At the end of each session, families departed with more than just satisfied appetites. They carried home recipes and ingredients, empowering them to replicate these wholesome meals in their own kitchens.

It was great to see all ages enjoying the food, many eagerly returning for seconds!

The impact of these cooking sessions extends far beyond the kitchen. Families reported sustained effects, with some incorporating the learned recipes into their weekly routines. For instance, one family shared their tradition of making carrot and coriander soup every week since participating in a summer holiday family cooking session. Additionally, families enjoyed engaging in art and craft activities while waiting for their fresh bread to cook in the oven. The day culminated in an hour of outdoor physical activities, promoting holistic well-being.

The family cooking sessions were made possible through funding from SASP via the Happy, Healthy Holiday Play scheme for children on free school meal and funding from Hinkley Point C for families not entitled to the Happy Healthy Holiday Plays scheme code from school. The overwhelming response underscores the community's eagerness to embrace healthy cooking practices. Within hours of the booking system's launch, 80 spaces for children with the Happy Healthy, Holiday code from school and additional 40 funded by Hinkley Point C where filled—an indication of the demand for such initiatives.

Thanks to the generous support from Hinkley Point C, families had the opportunity to sign up for further learning, the "30 a Week Challenge" and a six-week online healthy eating course and where they can learn more about the benefit of changing from ultra processed food to natural, unprocessed food.

If you want to learn more about healthy eating, sign up for our next course funded by Hinkley Point C. More information is available on our website:

Let's continue this journey towards healthier, happier families—one delicious recipe at a time.


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