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Testament to the Power of Healthy Eating Education

Lena attended some of the summer holiday family cooking sessions with her three children. They all enjoyed the delicious food and the sense of community. Encouraged by the positive experience, Lena was inspired to delve deeper into the program, enrolling in the six-week course that combined practical cooking sessions with online learning.

As Lena implemented the knowledge gleaned from the courses into her family's daily routines, she witnessed a remarkable transformation in their physical and mental health over the ensuing months. Of particular significance was the revelation about the importance of maintaining stable blood sugar levels to help regulate mood and ensure overall well-being.

Lena recounts how she and her children had struggled with mood swings and bouts of depression in the past, unaware of the underlying connection to fluctuating blood sugar levels. Through the course, she gained insight into how irregular eating patterns, particularly consumption of sugary foods, could trigger drastic mood fluctuations and emotional upheavals. Armed with this understanding, Lena began prioritizing balanced meals, including protein-rich foods and vegetables, which provided sustained energy release and stabilized blood sugar levels—a simple yet profound shift that yielded significant improvements in their overall health and emotional resilience.

Lena is encouraging others who struggle with mood swings and fluctuating blood sugar levels to join one of Live Naturally’s fully funded healthy eating courses!

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Hinkley Point Community Fund for enabling us to assist families in Bridgwater and beyond in improving their health and well-being through a better understanding of the importance of a balanced diet.


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