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Joining Live Naturally's healthy eating course has been a transformative journey for me.

Despite considering myself fairly active and athletic, I found myself constantly battling illnesses every winter for many years. These bouts of sickness were not just inconvenient but often incapacitating, requiring significant time off work for recovery. Frustrated with the recurring cycle and having exhausted conventional medical options, I did not know what to do. I was tired of constantly feeling ill, tired, and drained. I was advised to join one of Live Naturally’s 6-week courses, and I am so glad I did.

Through engaging sessions delivered with infectious enthusiasm, I learned about the profound impact of my dietary choices on my overall well-being. The course wasn't just about instructing what to eat but delved deeper into understanding the intricate relationship between food and health.

Armed with this newfound understanding, I was inspired and motivated to implement meaningful changes in my eating habits. I also started to take some extra supplements to support my immune system and made sure I went for a walk during the daytime every day, as I learned about the benefits of Vitamin D for my immune system. Before the course, I did not realize the importance of UV B radiation from the sun for producing vitamin D. Now I know I can get Vitamin D from the sun's rays, even on cloudy days; I just have to stay out a bit longer.

The results were nothing short of remarkable. By embracing a more mindful and intentional approach to my diet, supplements to support my immune system, and daytime walks outside, I witnessed a profound transformation in my health. Gone are the days of frequent visits to the doctor's office and the need for extended sick leave while enduring prolonged periods of illness; instead, I found myself navigating through this winter with resilience, experiencing only minor ailments that barely disrupted my routine.

Thanks to the Hinkley Point C fund for funding this valuable course in our community, which has equipped me with the knowledge, motivation, and tools to become healthier, happier, and more resilient than ever before. I have been equipped with the knowledge and tools to take control over my own health.

If you are struggling with your health, I recommend you to join one of Live Naturally’s courses; it can transform your life!


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