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Summer Holiday Family Cooking sessions help families to adapt to healthier eating habits

Updated: Mar 20

Families in Bridgwater enjoyed family cooking at the Canalside Centre and Wilstock Gardens Childcare. Thanks to the generous funding from SASP through the Happy, Healthy Holidays play scheme and Hinkley Point C, our community had the opportunity to participate in family cooking sessions. The Happy, Healthy Holiday scheme funded 180 spaces for children on benefit-related free school meals, and the Hinkley Point C funding funded an equal number, which was open to all. We ran a total of 16 family cooking sessions spread out over the summer holiday.

These sessions not only brought families together but also provided invaluable lessons in healthy eating,  budget-friendly meal preparation, and culinary enjoyment. At each session, families learned how to cook nutritious and tasty meals without breaking the bank. Armed with simple yet flavorful recipes and ingredients, they discovered the joy of preparing wholesome dishes together. From hearty soups to vibrant salads, their own pizza or whole meal breads each recipe showcased the abundance of seasonal produce and the creative possibilities of home cooking.

One of the most rewarding aspects of these sessions was the opportunity for families to take home not only newfound culinary skills but also the ingredients needed to recreate the dishes in their own kitchens. This hands-on approach not only reinforced the lessons learned during the sessions but also empowered families to continue making healthy choices long after the summer holidays ended.

The impact of these cooking sessions extended beyond the kitchen, fostering a deeper sense of connection and togetherness among participants. As families worked side by side, chopping vegetables, stirring pots, and sharing stories, they forged lasting memories and strengthened bonds.

In addition to promoting healthy eating habits, these sessions also addressed food insecurity within our community. By partnering with FareShare, we were able to distribute excess food from supermarkets to families in need, ensuring that everyone had access to nutritious ingredients and delicious meals.

The positive feedback we received from participating families was truly heartwarming. Many shared stories of how they enjoyed recreating the dishes at home and how the experience inspired them to explore new flavors and cooking techniques. For some, it was the first step towards a healthier lifestyle, while for others, it was a reaffirmation of the joys of home cooking and shared meals.

After completing the summer holiday cooking sessions, families had the opportunity to sign up for a 6-week course funded by Hinkley Point C. The aim of the course is to help families make lasting changes to their diet and lifestyle.

As we reflect on the success of these family cooking sessions, we are grateful for the support of our funders, partners, and dedicated volunteers who made it all possible. Together, we have not only nourished bodies but also nurtured relationships, resilience, and community spirit. As we look to the future, we are excited to continue our journey towards healthier, happier, and more connected communities, one delicious meal at a time.



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