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Family cooking initiative promotes healthier lifestyles in Bridgwater!

Updated: Mar 29

Thanks to the generous funding from the Hinkley Point Community Fund, we are able to promote healthier eating choices for families in Bridgwater.

Research underscores the importance of instilling healthy habits early in life, as the food choices made during childhood often persist into adulthood. We are therefore eager to engage with families with young children, empowering them to adopt healthier lifestyle

choices from an early age.

Our family cooking sessions have been met with great enthusiasm from school staff, parents, and children alike. Families are invited to the school hall to learn about the significance of consuming natural, unprocessed foods. They also have the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice by preparing healthy, whole meal bread

together. It has beens heartening to witness participants of all ages having fun while acquiring important life skills.

Here are of the comments we received from participants:

"It was so fun to make a bread, I did not know it was so easy. I love to get my hands sticky"

"I had never tasted beetroot before, but it was delicious!"

"Thank you for encouraging us to eat more natural food; I would like

to learn more about how we can make positive changes to our diet."

The positive feedback from the cooking course has been overwhelming. Parents shared photos of their bread creations,describing how delicious they were. Some incorporated the bread into their evening meals, others enjoyed it for breakfast and some packed it for lunch.

Following the course, parents are given the opportunity to sign up to a six-week online course, where they can delve deeper into the benefits of transitioning from processed to unprocessed natural foods.

The photos are from Cannington Primary School, which is one of the Bridgwater schools who have partnered with us to support families in adopting healthier eating habits. Over the next few months, we aim to expand our reach to more schools in Bridgwater, further promoting healthy eating habits among residents.


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