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Easter Holiday Fun with healthy food!

Updated: Mar 29

Thanks to generous funding from SASP and Hinkley Point C, 50 children and their families had the opportunity to enjoy healthy family cooking sessions during the Easter holiday.

The families were set the challenge of try lots of healthy foods, cooked their own lunch and had fun on an outdoor quest! Throughout the day they won stars for the challenges they were set and received a prize from the Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny typically gives chocolate eggs but do we do the children and parents a favour by doing this? You can still achieve the same excitement by winning something creative. So instead of a sugary treat, the Easter Bunny gave the children a pack of chalks which creates hours more fun than a single chocolate egg and encourages the children to get creative outside in the sunshine!

During the session families got to learn more about healthy eating, the importance of balanced meals and why we need to reduce our sugar intake. They also got the opportunity to sign up for our future courses. For they who would like to make lasting changes to their eating habits and physical and mental health, they could book for a 6 week course, fully funded by Hinkley Point C for families in Bridgwater.. Click here to sign up for more information on upcoming courses!


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