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Changing eating habits improves behaviour and sleep!

Updated: Mar 29

Transforming to a healthier eating routine has brought about a remarkable change in Bradley's behavior, sleep patterns, and overall health!

Bradley, a lively and cheerful little boy, used to struggle with managing his emotions. He used to be extremely fussy and preferred to eat chocolate cereals and sweets, but adamantly refused to consume any vegetables. When it was lunch time at nursery, he used to run away to hide, as he did not want to eat. Not eating well, resulted in he found it difficult to control his feelings and behaviour, he was impulsive and acted without thinking. He found it challenging to sit still and concentrate on activities, preferring to be on the move constantly. His sleep was disturbed, causing concern for his mother, and his unwillingness to listen often made outings a challenging experience.

However, everything changed when the whole family was invited to participate in a 6-week healthy eating project, funded by Hinkley Point C, Somerset Skills and Learning, and Somerset Community Foundation. Bradley’s mother joined a weeks online course where she got a deeper understanding of the essential nutrients for a healthy body and brain, the adverse effects of additives in processed food, the role of good gut microbes, and the art of assembling balanced meals from natural, unprocessed ingredients. The course was followed by practical cooking sessions and a 6-week gardening project, where the family learned about the value of eating natural, unprocessed food and also tips on how to grow vegetables at home and include them in cooking.

The project resulted in a complete transformation of the family's eating habits. Bradley was offered homemade food prepared with natural ingredients instead of processed cereals and sweets. Preservative-laden store-bought bread was replaced with homemade alternatives, and for dinner, he enjoyed nutritious servings of meat and fish. To further aid his digestion and reduce fussiness, Bradley started taking Mindlinx, a supplements of beneficial gut bacteria.

The effects of this change were evident in Bradley's behavior both at home and at preschool. He became noticeably calmer, happier, and stopped resorting to hitting others. Concentrating on activities became easier for him, and he willingly joined the other children for lunch at preschool, even expressing delight in the taste of fresh salmon! Additionally, the family was pleasantly surprised by the positive side effect of Bradley finally sleeping through the night, a much-welcomed miracle after four years of sleepless nights for his parents.

If you find your child struggling with health, behavior, or sleep-related issues, we encourage you to sign up for our next healthy eating project! Changing eating habits can have a profound impact on all ages, bringing positive transformations to your life. We are delighted to announce that Live Naturally CIC has received funding from Hinkley Point C, enabling families in Bridgwater to participate in healthy eating courses for free. Don't miss this opportunity to change your life through better nutrition!


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