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A wonderful Autumn Term at Wilstock Gardens Childcare!

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

The children at Wilstock Gardens Childcare have thoroughly enjoyed this years autumn term with lots of fun, both inside and out! The children have been learning about Healthy Eating - growing their own vegetables! They have also learnt about their body, numbers and letters and colours and shapes. Recently they learnt about The Christmas Story and dressed up in their own Nativity play. However, the most important skill they have learnt - is how to play!

In the Early Years Conference organised by Somerset County Council in November, the keynote speaker, Ben Kingston-Hughes confirmed what we already know: play is not only fun, but play is essential! In his book “A very unusual journey into play” he writes that the neurological development process that builds the fundamental structure of the brain and underpins all forms of higher learning, reading, writing and maths are not hardwired into the brain. The fundamental structures for these higher academic tasks are created through PLAY!

So this term the children have played and played and learned so many new things through play - as there is no distinction between learning and playing! Here you can see a few photos of what the children at Wilstock Gardens got up to this term!


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