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A trip down Memory Lane

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

We recently stumbled across some adorable photos of the early days of Wilstock Gardens Childcare and just had to share them! What's so encouraging is, many of the children in these photos continue to attend Live Naturally's Community Projects now they are all teenagers!

Live Naturally's Wilstock Gardens Childcare has now been running since 2008 and our highest priority continues to be that the children feel safe and loved. We endeavor to develop their confidence and strengthen their self esteem so they have the best foundation possible for the future. The children at the Wilstock Gardens Childcare get lots of opportunities to explore the world around them and we stick by our theory that the natural way is the best way! They spend lots of time outside (in all weathers), they spend time with animals, they have fun gardening and eat lots of nourishing and natural food.


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