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5k Fun Run & New Funding Celebrations!

Updated: Mar 28

On Sunday 4th June, The Canalside Centre was packed with families taking part in a community family fun run followed by healthy food, to celebrate receiving funding from Hinkley Point C, to run a 3 year project helping families in Bridgwater to improve physical and mental health through making positive changes to their eating habits.

It was amazing to have such a good turn out, over 100 participants, with people of all ages and capabilities. In several instances we had families with 3 generations walking together which was incredible.

Some ran non stop, some walked, others cycled but everyone got active in the fresh air and completed the 5k in the way that suited them best. Across the years of holding healthy lifestyle workshops we hear that many can get discouraged because they can't suddenly run a marathon and this ultimate stops them from making a start. But, during the session we explained about the different guidelines for physical activity and how this varies for everyone. The important thing is simply to get active in whatever way you prefer. As you build up confidence you will find that you can do more than you thought possible but this is often through simply doing manageable daily steps.

All the participants were individually fantastic however there were several who really stood out. One boy of just 7 years old was the first participant to cross the finish line alongside his Dad! At the other end of the age categories we had a participant of nearly 70 years old who battles with Parkinson's who jogged the whole 5 km. We were all inspired by their achievement!

We were really encouraged by all the positive feedback and many said they would take part in the next activity day with us and bring more of their friends and family members too. Here we can see the contagious impact of physical activity. Individuals immediately feel the benefit and buzz of getting active and want others to join them next time to experience it too! Through holding workshops like this we contribute to our ultimate mission - to inspire healthier lifestyles within the community.

After the fun run, the participants, celebrated in the sunshine, the new funding we have received from Hinkley Point C. The funding will enable Live Naturally CIC to promote healthy lifestyles in Bridgwater for the next three years! This aims to educate, inspire and help mitigate the negative impacts of Hinkley Developments.

Back in November, we ran a community engagement event, where families in Bridgwater could let us know how Hinkley Point C had affected their life. While they were many positives we also heard the negative impacts. Increased traffic, sky high rental prices and decreasing sense of community. Many emphasized that the stress of these impacts takes a toll on their mental and physical health.

With input from families in our local community, partnership organisations and a decade of experience working in the community we are confident that the funding from Hinkley Point C can help us to make a great difference to our community.

The plan is to run lots of courses and family events, to help families be inspired to use healthy lifestyle choices to combat the negative effects of stress.

Families on Sunday, got first hand experience about our healthy eating initiatives by enjoying home made, delicious food. Oven baked chicken, fresh homemade bread rolls made by our our wonderful Dream Scheme Bakers and lot of different salads. The children enjoyed homemade ice lollies made of frozen banana, frozen watermelon and fresh juice. There was no processed food in sight and everyone got the opportunity to sign up for our upcoming courses. Our planned courses for the next month are filling up quickly!

A huge thank you to Hinkley Point C for enabling us help our community stay healthy through making positive lifestyle choices!


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